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Island Showdown: Pt 1 — March 30, 2016

Island Showdown: Pt 1

Ok people, today we are going to announce Poptropica Island Showdowns! There are 2 islands featured, cast your vote to which one shall win this week’s Island Showdown! This weeks islands are…. *drumroll*


Vote which one you like the best, is it Cryptids? Ghost Story? Cast your vote in the comments, and make sure to tell me why you think this island should win this weeks Island Showdown! SP signing out!

~ Panda ♦

Which Poptropica Island? — March 12, 2016

Which Poptropica Island?

Hey Poptropica Peeps, BIG news! Poptropica has decided to make ONE member island a non member island! Which one? The island with the most votes is going to be made a non member island! 😀 Everybody vote for Big Nate Island (The books are amazing) The islands are: Nabooti, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Nate (The best by far!),  Red Dragon, Great Pumpkin, Wimpy Boardwalk, and Wimpy Wonderland. I hope you all vote for Big Nate Island 😀 Comment which one you’re likely to choose, all for now 😉

~ Panda

My Doggy —
Monkey Wrench Island — March 1, 2016

Monkey Wrench Island

Hey Poptropicans, sorry I haven’t posted for a while 😦 Monkey Wrench Island is officially out!  It’s so super fun and easy! And if I was a new player it would help me a lot 😀 I got 150 credits and a medallion as well! Yay 😀 Well that’s all, stay tuned for more AMAZING posts about Poptropica! Stay awesome!